We focus on sustainable approaches involving new technology.
Limiting the negative impacts of feeding the growing global population is becoming increasingly important, and we have tracked the rising concern about the carbon emissions of agriculture. This concern has unlocked opportunities for many involved in Agri-Tech, and we are passionate about helping people to make the best of those opportunities.
In his 2011 Foresight Report, Sir John Beddington highlighted the “perfect storm” of climate change and population growth which will inevitably put increasing pressure on the global food system. This highlighted the likelihood of future food shortages and even civil unrest. A number of potential solutions were identified but members of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers were concerned that more emphasis on the possible engineering interventions to enhance sustainability would be helpful, hence the report on the right, which I was pleased to contribute to.
This report has shone a spotlight on Agricultural Engineering as a key enabling technology and there has been a recent focus on funding for this area, and bringing in technologies from the aerospace sector, communications industry, big data and robotics in a drive towards Sir John’s original objective of “sustainable intensification”.